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For displaying albums

Twelve Inch 4ECO

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Our bundle-pack, Twelve Inch 4ECO, makes it easy to create exciting art galleries in your home, by using your favourite albums as the art work.

Our unique frameless design ensures that the vinyl records are easy to reach, and makes it a breeze to change the albums that's on display. The new edition of the Twelve Inch 4ECO has been made of bamboo to ensure durability and to cut down on the plastic, that's used in the products.

Be kind to the environment, and save money too, with this bundle pack Twelve Inch 4ECO.

The bundle contains 4 x Twelve Inch Original, which can display 4 single albums or two gatefold albums opened up.

The Twelve Inch 4ECO Natural is currently sold out in the EU, and you will not see any shipping prices, if this is added to your basket. It is still available in the UK and the US.
We estimate this will be in stock again in the EU on approximately the 5th of December.

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Bamboo, magnets, metals

Packaging Dimensions

30 cm x 30 cm x 1.5 cm

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