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Can your products hold 180 grams records?

Our products are designed to hold single record albums, gatefold albums and double record albums. You have to mount the product correctly on the wall, and insert the 12” disc nearest the magnet to ensure a maximum strength and hold. See our instructions of use for further information.

Does your product work with gatefolded ablums?

You absolutely can! There are different ways to do so, depending on the actual gatefold album, and wether it is closed in the left side or not.

If you have a gatefold album that has a left side wing that is closed, you can either a) display the album with the back showing or b) display the album in a clear plastic sleeve.

If you have a gatefold that has both wings open, you can either a) display the record opened up using two Twelve Inch Original, b) store the vinyl records somewhere else (perhaps using the Twelve Inch packaging cover) and mount the Twelve Inch disc in the outer wing or c) display the album in a clear plastic sleeve.

How does your product work?

Our products use magnetism and clever design to secure your records to the wall. The magnetic component is secured to the wall with a screw and looks like a black disc. A large 12” disc looking like a vinyl record with a metal disc fitted in the middle is then inserted into your record, thus creating a magnetic attraction.  If you want to wall mount your vinyl records, with it’s cover on, you will have to use the Twelve Inch Original. If you wish to mount only the vinyl record itself, you should use the Twelve Inch Adapter.

How do you mount the products to the wall?

With a screw. In our product packaging, we include a screw for you to use when mounting the products on the wall. We recommend using a suitable raw plug as well.

Can I use double sided tape, instead of the provided screw?

Please don’t. Our experience is, that the tape will at some point let go of the wall or the product.

Does magnetism affect my records in any harmful way?

Our products doesn’t have any permanent or long term effect on your records, either their antistatic properties or sound qualities. It’s correct that magnetism effects vinyl records, especially their antistatic load. However, as soon as you remove the record from the magnetic display component, the antistatic load will return to normal within milliseconds.

Any other useful tips?

One tip is to make sure that you slide the record off of the magnetic disc, when you want to take down the record. Always handle your records with care.

Is there any situations I must avoid?

Yes. You must absolutely avoid mounting your records on a spot on the wall where direct sunlight will hit the records for an extended period of time. The rays of the sun can warm a record to temperatures that harm the vinyl records, making them crooked.

On the contrary, you must avoid really humid conditions as well, as the humidity will cause the covers of your album to warp.

In general we recommend that you change the records on display often, as to avoid any warping of the cover, and off course, to keep the display collection exciting and new. 

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