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The Original

The design of the Original allow for a ton of possible ways to display your records. You can display your favourite covers side by side, or if your album has inner sleeve with groovy art work on it, you can display that as well! If you have a gateway album, you can open it and display the album cover art in it’s full glory

How to use the Original

“So you can show your friends, who’s got the greatest taste in music.”

The magic behind our product is found in nature it self. Magnetism. We use the worlds strongest magnets in our products, so you can display your vinyl records on the wall and know, they are going to stay there. And although magnetism is a well debated (and sometimes hated) phenomena in the vinyl community, we ensure you that it’s not going to harm your records.

Our frameless design works in a really simple way; fasten the black magnetic disc to your wall, preferably with the included screw. Insert the white cardboard disc in to the record you would like to display on your wall, in the back of the record. Now you’ll put your record up against the black disc, and the two will be attracted to each other. When you feel it snap in to place, you can let go of the record. Voila!

How to mount the Original

Four steps to a great wall of records.

Find your best screwdriver (digital or analog), and follow these four simple steps to build your new wall of vinyl records. There is really no limit to how many records, one can have on the wall. We’ve seen tiny walls and huge walls, long or square – you name it.

Decorate your walls with The Arcs, Mac Demarco & Father John Misty.

… or whoever your favourite artist might be. We all have different taste in music, and all vinyl collections are unique and personal. When you find that original release you’ve been searching for so long, your heart might skip a beat. Now with Twelve Inch, you can display those precious records on your walls and show off your personal taste in music.

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