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The Adapter

The Twelve Inch Adapter is perfect for showing your beatiful colored vinyl records on the wall and is used to wall mount the vinyl itself without the cover. Together with the Original you can combine and display your records in almost any thinkable combination; display the albums side by side or in a combo of the album jackets and their respective vinyl records.

How to mount the Adapter

Four steps to a great wall of vinyl.

Find your best screwdriver (digital or analog), and follow these four simple steps to build your new wall of vinyl records. There is really no limit to how many records, one can have on the wall. We’ve seen tiny walls and huge walls, long or square – you name it.

Sometimes adding a little color, is all you need.

Now you have an excuse to put your coloured vinyl records on the wall! Use the Adapter together with the Original, and you can display your records with the vinyl out as well. Or how about that metal record you have, where the band members hair has been embedded directly into the record? Why hang it on the wall? Because you can.

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