Vinyl Stories


We like analogue things. And our stories are about the physical dimension in a digital world.


Run for Cover

If you have never been to Run For Cover's business before, it may be hard to imagine that there is a mecca of spray paint, cans, pencils, merchandise and self-published vinyl inside the raw industrial buildings on Hvidovrevej 80A. It is hardly imagined that the people...

Our new ECO-friendly bundle pack

We all know that packaging of a product is important. This often identifies the product more than the product itself. A good packaging often means branding opportunities to stand out from the crowd of competitors. So, it is important. But what if you already know the...

Our sponsored all vinyl radio show

Every Wednesday at 15 p.m Central European Time, I tune in to our own all vinyl radio show on SoR Radio in Michigan. And it is a magical moment every time. When you can hear the needle land on the vinyl and pick up the trail with a crackle. And sometimes it will loop...

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