Mitch Anderson is a radio disc jockey, vinyl record nut, vintage gear enthusiast, engineer, and someone who likes to play loud rock ‘n’ roll in his free time.

Twelve Inch has been sponsoring BCR for a long time with their morning program on SOR Radio.


Mitch has been the voice behind the all-vinyl radio program, Black Circle Radio since 2009. The program received a Michigan Association of Broadcasters awards, for best original radio program, during his college years at Central Michigan University. He majored in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.

Black Circle Radio is live on Monday nights on Muskegon 100.9 WFFR-LP out of his hometown of Muskegon, Michigan. It is also live every Wednesday morning from his home studio, from where he broadcasts on the online radio station SoR Radio, which he co-owns with a group of his university professors.

Before pursuing his independent radio career full-time, Mitch worked for an Amazon owned company called Brilliance Audio, where he recorded, directed, mixed, and mastered audiobooks and podcasts. This is where he logged many, many hours working almost exclusively in mono voice recording. This helped to train his ear to know the importance of quality, outboard equipment in a voice over chain. Mitch along with a small group of colleagues also own Rubber Sol Records which focuses on all-tube, mono, direct to vinyl limited record pressings. The machine used is a mid 1950’s Rek-O-Kut that has been completely refurbished, as well as given a diamond tip needle which enables hand cut records direct to the vinyl medium.


Why We Spin Vinyl


Much like their fluidity from one generation to the next, a record spins on, track to track, baring intermittent snaps, crackles, and pops. Vinyl demands intention, perusing the shelf for one to match your mood; demands touch, pulling it from the sleeve, placing it on the turntable; demands connection, passing it along, one pair of hands to the next. Vinyl demands to be reached for and to reach you— music always does, doesn’t it? —carrying you to the first time you heard a record and who was by your side. This program bridges the gap between past and present through music, the people who create it, and those of us who listen. If you’re looking for somewhere to go, then by all means, welcome to the sound of your escape. This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio.


Listen to the latest Black Circle Radio episode right here!

“I spin lots and lots of records every day listening for the next track to be featured in my programming. This creative process is fun to share across social media platforms and there is simply no better way to show off what I am currently spinning than by using a Twelve Inch right behind my turntable. In my opinion, this product kills record frames because I can so easily swap out and showcase what is currently on my turntable. Viewing the artwork while playing the music puts the entire listening experience on a deeper level. This product should be in every vinyl lovers home, and that’s what I think about that!” – Mitch Anderson, Black Circle Radio Host and Founder


“We are always very fascinated by people who truly follow their passion. It is one of the many reasons actually why we love the vinyl medium so much. A massive amount of work, intention, and care go into making a great vinyl record release – just think about all the extra time, steps, and people that the artist will need to work with to produce a sonically pleasing, and visually stunning vinyl record. We believe that there is true passion to be found in every corner of the vinyl community.

We truly think Mitch runs a radio show that is fun and fascinating, and not at all commercially biased. Along with that we believe his style of broadcasting is needed in this digital age to help spread the love of music in physical form. Take a listen to just one of his shows and we bet that you will hear both tunes from, as well as stories about bands and artists from all genres of music that you have yet to love!” – Twelve Inch


Twelve Inch is proudly sponsoring Black Circle Radio.


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