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GrooveWasher Commando Record Cleaning Kit

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Go commando with the GrooveWasher Commando Kit! This Kit cleans your records using High Tech G2 Record Cleaning Fluid with our highly absorbent split-fiber, terry cloth style, microfiber towel. The Label Protector Disc keeps the record label dry during cleaning. The Commando Kit has almost the same cleaning action as our GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit, without the walnut handle and microfiber replaceable cleaning pad.

If the price tag for the Walnut Kit is a hurdle, give this low cost Commando Kit a try!

  • 4 oz Mist Spray Bottle of High Tech G2 Fluid-enough to clean 100+ records
  • 12" x 12" Black microfiber towel
  • Record Label Mask
  • Record cleaning instructions

G2 Fluid is specially formulated to clean vinyl records safe, fast and easy, without a rinsing step. G2 Fluid also cleans other hard surfaces really well. Use this kit to clean your phone, tablet, laptop, eyeglasses, TV, optics, motorcycles helmets, ski goggles and even your turntable! (On wood products, test a small area first.)


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