It’s possible to install a Twelve Inch Original faster than it takes to brew a nice cup of coffee. By the time the water is boiling, you’ll already be choosing which of your favourite records deserve the spot on the wall.

Fix the black magnetic disc to your wall, using the screw that’s included with you Twelve Inch Original. Be sure to use a good raw plug if your wall is a brick or concrete wall.

Place the sticker* over the screw head, to create an even smoother surface for the record.

Slip the white disc inside the back of the cover. Place the disc, so it’s closest to the wall with the metal disc facing the black disc on your wall.

Place the record up against the black disc on the wall. When you feel it snap into place, you are ready to let go if it.

Take a step back, adjust the record, give yourself a high five and enjoy the amazing cover art on your wall.

…is your coffee ready!

Always slide your album away from the black disc, as the magnets are very strong!

Multible covers in a grid

Use our (included) template ruler

The ruler template, on the back of the inlet paper, can be used horisontal and vertical, or infact, it can be used in any direction from the center of the plastic magnet disc. It will give you a default distance of 5 cm between each cover. This will give a nice grid and can also be used to show opened double albums or gatefolds.

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