Twelve Inch is a Danish design company founded by Kim Holberg Andersen in 2017.

Though our official history might not seem very old, the story of Twelve Inch actually reaches a couple of years back in time:

There were generally two types of Danes in 2013. There were those who whole heartedly gave in to the digital streaming age, by desperately discarding or selling off all of their old records and audio equipment. The other type of person stored their vinyl in the basement, in hopes that one day, they would be dusted of and played again. Kim was… well, a bit of both actually. He loved the convenience of streaming, but had kept all of his records secured in cardboard boxes in the basement. He never thought about selling them, because they were more than just a music medium to him. They represented all of the wicked moments, hookups and breakups, forgotten memories and hazy parties of his youth.

Sure, Kim had a passion for his old records, but they were in awful conditions and not particularly playable. So what use could he get from them? Kim thought to himself: “There must be some other way to bring back life to my record collection.” And then he had the bright idea that he could display them on his wall. That way, he could enjoy the records even though they weren’t playable.

Today, as you probably know, people all over the world are reviving their old turntables, bringing back new life to their record collection. The brick and mortar record shops are buzzing like bee hives, selling records to the millennials like it’s the 70’s all over again.

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