Invisible design

There are no frames, brackets or other visible parts when using Twelve Inch. There’s only your record majestically floating off the wall.

Your own gallery

What’s on display depends on you, and the mood you’re in. One moment you can display your favourite local artists, another, albums by bands you’ve seen live or a collection of hip-hop records. It’s up to you!

Clever solution

Twelve Inch works by magnetic pull force. Our product contains the worlds strongest magnets, in order to securely hold your records to the wall. We carefully worked out the balance of the pull force, so that there’s no damage to your records, it stays on the wall while being easy to take down.

Custom fit

Our custom made white disc fits snugly into your records. Insert the white disc into the album you’d like to display. Pull it out, if it’s time for a change. Simple!

Simple to use

With Twelve Inch, you can change the record on display within seconds. And you’ll always be able to play the record, even while the cover is on the wall.

The package

You get the full package with Twelve Inch. There is a screw included for mounting the black disc to your wall, a sticker to cover the screw head, to make a perfectly smooth surface for the record to rest on, and our custom made ruler.