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Our Story

Vinyl on Your wall

Vinyl records are probably one of the most sustainable products ever made, because they still last. Invented decades ago and deemed obsolete, it now resurfaces with a remarkable come back and actually beats digital media downloads.

Seven years ago we dusted off our old collection and wanted to show them on the wall, but without frames and visible support. That became Twelve Inch, and little did we know, that we would hit a rebounce of an anolque media that everyone thought to be dead. Therefore, we aim to be the preferred product to use, when displaying vinyl art on the wall.

make life simple

Take it down, put it up

The Twelve Inch Original is considered to be the easiest product on the market, for displaying vinyl as artwork on your walls, because it has no frames or other visible support holding the record. Take it down for a spin, or change it immediately for another record. You are free to decide.


Your Sound Matters

Experience Music on Vinyl. You Deserve it! The best tips, tricks and features to enhance your love of vinyl records. Your Sound Matters is a website for vinyl in the digital age, with product...

GrooveWasher now in Europe

We are pleased to announce that Twelve Inch is now the importer of GrooveWasher Record Cleaning products in Europe. Through our mutual friends from Black Circle Radio, we were introduced to...

Colorful ideas

The new trend among musicians, when they press their new vinyl, is colorered vinyl records. A nice cover has been a branding possibility for many bands, but now they also use new technologies, for...


Even though it is a small shop, VinylNerds are one of our best dealers and worth a visit, on the footsteps of the Alps…

Run for Cover

If you have never been to Run For Cover's business before, it may be hard to imagine that there is a mecca of spray paint, cans, pencils, merchandise and self-published vinyl inside the raw...

Our new ECO-friendly bundle pack

We all know that packaging of a product is important. This often identifies the product more than the product itself. A good packaging often means branding opportunities to stand out from the crowd...

Our sponsored all vinyl radio show

Every Wednesday at 15 p.m Central European Time, I tune in to our own all vinyl radio show on SoR Radio in Michigan. And it is a magical moment every time. When you can hear the needle land on the...


Do you want to know where to buy Twelve Inch in a store? Go on, Search the map. If your local vinyl pusher is not present, ask them to contact us – maybe they want to represent Twelve Inch in their shop.


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What People are Saying

“Simple and very good indeed””

Very good for holding stuff up with minimal interference to the artwork! Easy to use and even holds my gatefolds which is nice

Willem, Amazon UK

“Top Halterung”

Ich habe lange nach einer Variante gesucht meine Plattenhülle schön in Szene zu setzen während die Platte abspielt. Hiermit klappts “

Alexander Wenta, Amazon DE

“Producto excelente”

“Después de buscar y probar varios sistemas, éste es el que mejor funciona por su simplicidad y 0 intrusismo en el disco. 100% recomendado el producto y gran atención al cliente por parte de Twelve Inch!”

Roger Pastor, Amazon ES

“Easy to install”

Easy to install, you just have to install the magnet on the right side so that it sticks to the other magnet. Looking good on the wall

Jee, Amazon CA

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