Twelve Inch turns simply listening to records in to a dynamic, multi-medium art form by giving you the ability to mount your albums easily on the wall. When your journey with a particular record ends, within seconds you can change it out and put another on display.

Twelve Inch Original

Decorate your walls with Mac Demarco or Father John Misty.


… or whoever your favourite artist might be. We all have different taste in music, and all vinyl collections are unique and personal. When you find that original release you’ve been searching for so long, your heart might skip a beat. Now with Twelve Inch, you can display those precious records on your walls and show off your personal taste in music.

Twelve Inch Adapter

Mount your vinyl records directly on the wall.


The Twelve Inch Adapter can be used to wall mount the actual vinyl record itself without the cover. The only visible parts are the small tip that goes through the hole of the vinyl and our custom made screw that screws on to the tip securing the vinyl. Together with the Original you can combine and display your records in almost any thinkable combination; display the albums side by side or in a combo of the album jackets and their respective vinyl records.

Records as interior.


The design of our products allow for a ton of possible ways to display your records. You can display your favourite covers side by side, or if your album features an awesome inner sleeve with groovy art work on it, and you want to display that as well, you can do it! If your album is a gateway, you can open it up and display the album cover art in it’s full glory. Or turn it around and display the inside art work of the cover.

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