Twelve Inch turns simply listening to records in to a dynamic, multi-medium art form by giving you the ability to mount your albums easily on the wall. When your journey with a particular record ends, within seconds you can change it out and put another on display.

Twelve Inch Original

The Twelve Inch Original er designet sådan, at du kan vise dine fedeste albums frem ved at hænge dem på væggen, helt uden synlige rammer eller beslag

Twelve Inch Adapter

Twelve Inch Adapter kan bruges til at vise dine farvede vinyler eller specielle picture discs frem på væggen. Samme enkle system som Original.

Everybody wants to tell their story.


Your record collection is an extension of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. They are there to remind you of hazy days, restless nights, and experiences you’ll never forget. Choose the records that reflect the story you are about to tell, and turn that tale into something tangible with Twelve Inch.

Vinyler som interiør.


Something quite magical happens, when you display your records on the wall. When you use your vinyl records as interior design in your living room or man cave, you’ll start to appreciate your vinyl collection on a whole new level. All of the memories connected to your records will become a central part of your living environment.

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