We are pleased to announce that Twelve Inch is now the importer of GrooveWasher Record Cleaning products in Europe.

Through our mutual friends from Black Circle Radio, we were introduced to GrooveWasher from Kansas City. And it was not for long before we got to talk about representing GrooveWasher here in Eurpoe. So now we can say, that we are the importer of their products and soon, you will be able to finde them around stores.

GrooveWasher is very known for their quality and the formular of their record cleaning fluid. Invented decades ago and sold under the name Discwasher, it sort of disappeared when vinyl records were pushed off the market by CD’s. But when records got popular again, Steven Chase reinvented the product and founded GrooveWasher in 2015, together with his family.

But why not let Mitch A Palooza from Black Circle Radio talk you through a review of the product:

We will be publishing a Google map with stores in Europe once they have the product on the shelf. As we are a Danish company, we will start here, and you can start buying GrooveWasher from Phono.dk or our own web site. Soon we hope you can get it from your local store.

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