The new trend among musicians, when they press their new vinyl, is colorered vinyl records. A nice cover has been a branding possibility for many bands, but now they also use new technologies, for coloring the PVC that normally has been black.

As a matter of fact, a vinyl record is born clear as glass. But for some reason, someone decided long ago to add color to vinyl records, and the color was black! So it is not a new invention to color a record, but now it seems to be more normal than unusual.

Adding color to a vinyl seems like adding spices to a meal. It gives the creator more tools to come up with beautiful artwork, and somehow making the album even more interesting than before. It helps to keep the vinyl resurgence at full glow.

Many records are made with a single color, but some add different flavors that make each record a unique pressing. The method could be to throw in a few different colored PVC pellets before melting and pressing the record. As this is randomly done, the pressed vinyl will be a unique copy with only one footprint.

Watch how splatter vinyl is being made

Our Twelve Inch Adapter

We love both the colored and the black vinyl. On the black vinyl the label is the important piece that stands out and makes it easily recognisable. These labels comes in all flavors and contains a lot of information for the expert, on the recording etc. Often the label was the record companys way of branding itself, as the actual cover was more ‘owned’ by the band. The label itself, is applied in the pressing proces.

We think the vinyl itself, black or colored, is a piece of art. That is why we came up with the Twelve Inch Adapter. With this you can display the vinyl on the same magnet disc as you use for the Original. And you can even mix them with albums.

Some people may argue that it is not a wise way of keeping your records due to dust issues. But a funny thing is, that the records we have been displaying for quite a while now, does not have any dust on them. Maybe it is because they hang vertical? We do not know and cannot explain this. Its just a fact.

Presentation of a new album

Comes with magnetic disc, Adapter and screw.

Some more ideas…

A post from whenwavescollapse on #vinylonyourwall – check out his music as well!

If you have interesting displays of your records or albums, do not hesitate to send some images to us – we just love love to hear from your. Let others be inspired by your ideas. You can email us at this address: – or post the on #vinylonyourwall on Instagram.

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