We all know that packaging of a product is important. This often identifies the product more than the product itself. A good packaging often means branding opportunities to stand out from the crowd of competitors. So, it is important.

But what if you already know the product and perhaps buy 4, 6 or 10 of the same product?
Then the packaging can actually be an annoyance. Chance is that you think it is a big waste of time and ressources to unpack, and dismiss all that fine quality plastic and carton, your product was wrapped in. If and you think of the environment, it starts to be really embarrassing.

At Twelve Inch we could see the problem. You buy a product that sits behind your record album, but comes in a nice packaging that just goes down the bin. It is fine if you buy one or two of them, but when it comes to more, it starts to feel like a lot of waste.

Do not get us wrong – we love our packaging, which serves as our face or branding. It serves the purpose of signalling a high quality product. And a lot of thoughts has gone into it, so it is easy to ship, explains how to use it etc.

That is why we introduce a bundle package with ‘Frustration-Free Packaging‘. And the first bundle are with 4 Twelve Inch Original – hence the name Twelve Inch Original4ECO.

We simply pack the four units without the standard packaging, but in a ready-to-ship box. 

This is all you need to build a nice wall of your favorite albums. No waste. As we save on expensive packaging, we are able to reduce the cost as well. This is reflected in a reduction of the retail price of 25% – which we think should benefit our customers.

And this is how we ship it. In a LIL heavy Buck Wrap package to protect your order. 

These are available on our webshop or at selected dealers:

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Or grab it at these dealers:

Run for Cover (dk)

Phono.dk (dk)


Vinylnerds (germany)


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