Every Wednesday at 15 p.m Central European Time, I tune in to our own all vinyl radio show on SoR Radio in Michigan. And it is a magical moment every time. When you can hear the needle land on the vinyl and pick up the trail with a crackle. And sometimes it will loop in the trail due to a scratch, until Mitch lift the pickup and jumps a few trails ahead.

We sponsor the show for one hour every week. It has a revitalizing effect on me listening to vinyl records. And I imagine the people in Michigan, listening in their cars on the way to work (morning 9 O’clock Michigan time), feeling the same sensation. Waking up to the cracks and the soft voice of our host Mitch A Palooza.

tune in on SOR Radio 

Mitch owns Black Circle Radio, a radio station in Muskegon, Michigan. Our connection goes over the Atlantic ocean to Denmark. To an old pal of mine who met Mitch back in 2007, when he was an exchange student in Aarhus, Denmark. When he heard about my idea with Twelve Inch, he pointed me to Mitch and his all vinyl radio show. Now Mitch is our Business Development Manager. We have been attending the Axpona exhibition in Chicago together, and visited several distributors to find the right setup for Twelve Inch in the US.

Mitch does several radio shows including the new video/radio show featured on YouTube. It is called ‘How was this not a hit?’ – try it out on the channel: How was that not a hit?

Through his experience with vinyl records, love for music and his vast network, we are trying to reach out to vinyl lovers, stores and people who likes to show their record collection.

Tune in to SoR Radio every Wednesday morning at 9 O’clock Michigan time – https://sorradio.org/index.php/listen

There is more on Mitch and Black Circle Radio here…


UPDATE 25th September 2019:

If you want to know more about BCR and Mitch A Palooza, jump on this link to read a great interview made by Your Sound Matters

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