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Package Content

Included in the package is the magnet to mount to your wall, the cardboard disc to go inside your album jacket, a single screw to hold the magnet to your wall, the Twelve Inch ruler and a sticker to cover the screw head, once that is in place.

One Twelve Inch

Twelve Inch Original 
19.99 $ Incl. vat.

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The Twelve Inch Original  is our first ever product. The design has been refined over the last three years, to ensure that the product is as easy to use as possible. The Twelve Inch Original  is designed for wall mounting your favourite records, with or without the vinyl still inside. Our unique design ensures that the vinyl and cover is easily accessible, so you can still play the record while the cover is mounted to the wall. 

Includes a screw, sticker and ruler for mounting. Read more.