How to install


You will need a screwdriver and... well, that's it! Everything else is included in the package. All you have to do now, is follow the steps illustrated below. 


Fix the magnet to the wall with the included screw


Place the sticker over the screw head, to create an even smoother surface for the record.


Slip the Twelve Inch cardboard inside the cover of your record.


Place the record up against the Twelve Inch magnet and make sure that it secures to the wall.


Take a step back, adjust the record, and soak in the beauty that is album cover art.

Mounting multiple Twelve Inch systems

Included in the package is our custom made Twelve Inch Ruler. The ruler makes it super easy to mount multiple Twelve Inch systems with an equal distance between them, either horizontally or vertically.

After mounting the first magnetic disc to the wall, you place the ruler over the disc, like shown in the image. Punch a hole through the paper at the end of the ruler where the screw is placed, and make sure you leave a small mark in your wall. Mount your next Twelve Inch system where the mark is, and voila! There is now a gab of 5 cm. between your records. Repeat until all systems have been mounted. 

Package Content

Included in the package is the magnet to mount to your wall, the cardboard disc to go inside your album jacket, a single screw to hold the magnet to your wall, and a sticker to cover the screw head, once that is in place.

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