Corporate Sustainable Responsibility

We at Twelve Inch are committed to delivering high value products for all of our customers, and take customer satisfaction very seriously. We recognize that without costumers buying our products, there would be no Twelve Inch company. Therefore, should you have any problems, comments or questions as our costumer, you should not hesitate to reach out to us at 

The following is our statement to 


At Twelve Inch we try to think environmental sustainability into every aspect of our products. It's present in the design process as well as the actual materials used for our products. The only parts that are not truly made of sustainable materials are the plastic wrapping and the plastic materials used to make the disc. We are however trying to partner up with companies, who produces plastic granulates in sustainable materials.

The cardboard disc, paper inlay and packaging are all made of recycled paper.


At Twelve Inch we try to design our products with sustainability in mind. This means that we always work towards eliminating the use of materials redundant to the actual use of the product. As you will notice, every part to the Twelve Inch product has a use. The cover which the product gets shipped in can be used to store old records. The printed inlay has a ruler on the back which will help you mount the product. 

It is our personal goal to always design our products in a sustainable way.