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Vinyl on your wall

Twelve Inch turns simply listening to records in to a dynamic, multi-medium art form by giving you the ability to mount your album easily on the wall. When your journey with a particular record ends, within seconds you can change it out and put another on display.

If records could talk! 

Your record collection is an extension of who you are, where you've been, and where you're going. They are there to remind you of hazy days, restless nights, and experiences you'll never forget. Choose the records that reflect the story you are about to tell, and turn that tale into something tangible with Twelve Inch.

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Unique design. Smart use.

Twelve Inch is hands down the easiest to use, most beautiful product on the market for displaying vinyl records as artwork on your walls. Using minimalistic, yet charming Danish Design techniques, Twelve Inch allows your record to be the focus of the attention in any room.

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Every part of the product

No frames. No brackets.

Twelve Inch doesn’t use any visible frames or brackets to hold your record, which means there is less between you and the amazing cover art work.

Always accessible

One of the benefits of our unique design is that even while your record is mounted to the wall, you can still play the vinyl inside. 

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If you head over to our web shop right now, you can catch our BLACK FRIDAY sale. There is a 25% discount on all orders above 59 €. Head over to our shop here.

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"These are impressive. I was looking for a way to display vinyl as art and didn't want to buy expensive frames. These make it look like they are floating on the wall. Plus you can still access the album if you want to listen to it.

- Sabrina, Amazon.com

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Each Twelve Inch can confidently hold a standard single or double LP.

Our magnets will not damage your vinyl records. 

You can still play the record while the album is mounted to the wall. 

Every part needed for installing our device is already included in the package. Jump to our 'how to' site to see our installation guide.

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